How Turfgrass Affects the Environment

While industry and technology have provided jobs and goods to make life easier, the effect on the environment has been substantial.

But we can help restore this precious earth with something as simple as turfgrass -- the earth's living skin.

The U.S. Congress has acknowledged these positive benefits to our environment.
"Turfgrass sod in urban areas and communities can aid in the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions, mitigating the heat island effect, reducing energy consumption and contributing to efforts to reduce global warming trends."


Scientific research has documented the many benefits of turfgrass to our environment. Our turfgrass lawns, parks and open areas:

Our Environment
The satisfaction of creating beauty within the landscape can be rewarding for you and the environment. With turfgrass sod, the rewards are practically immediate.

Pollution Control
Today's improved turfgrass varieties are very effective in reducing pollution.

Nature's Air Conditioner
Another benefit that everyone enjoys, usually without notice, is turfgrass' tremendous cooling effect.

A Natural Filter
Runoff water in urban areas carries many pollutants.

Soil Erosion
The clean gentle strength of turfgrass is the most cost-effective method for controlling wind and water erosion.

Fun & Games
The soft resilient surface of turfgrass is the safest and least expensive place to play.

Our Mental Health
Turfgrass quietly adds to the beauty of our lives and even our mental and physical health.

. . . a continuing source of oxygen and cool air.
. . . a cleansing answer to our environment.
. . . a source of beauty and comfort.

With the benefits of turfgrass working their wonders for us, we will be able to share a beautiful and healthy planet with our future generations.

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